25 JULY 2018
*Subject to changes
8:00a: Registration
8:55a: Opening Remarks
9:00a: The Importance and Challenges of Community in Building Project Value (10 Min Q&A)
Presenter: Camille Landau | CEO At OmniSparx

Positive, engaged communities are a critical driver of currency valuations. Join us to learn why authentication, communication and incentivization are key pillars to growing a strong crypto community and increasing project value.
9:30a: Issuing an STO - one company's experience (10 Min Q&A)
Presenter: Andrew Jewett | Co-CEO Aperture
Selecting the right cryptocurrency and securing your assets can be time consuming and difficult. The potential for immense returns also comes with periods of volatility.
10:00a: Evolving Cryptocurrency: Security Tokens

Seth W. Goettelman | Principal At KSN

Through the popularity of blockchain and the growth of ICOs in the past year ($6.3 billion in the first three months of this year) and the uncertain regulation facing utility tokens, many distributed ledger technology companies are looking to the next evolution of cryptocurrency: security tokens.  We’ll take a look at  token offerings  that will trade like financial securities, strategies for regulatory compliance and how these companies are reshaping the future.
10:30a: Crypto Baskets as Investment Vehicles

Ryan Berkun | Founder And CEO Of CoinPlan

Thematic portfolios and cryptocurrency fund strategies will propel mass adoption of the crypto space by retail investors. We're bringing investable Crypto Bundles to life, with portfolios based on top players (eg. the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index) and crypto categories (eg. Privacy and IOT).
11:00a: Panel: Path Toward Exchanges

Alex Gostomelsky | Managing Partner At Switchboard Capital

Peter Borovykh | Blockchain Solution Architect At Blockchain Driven

Jeff Dorman | Partner And Head Of Trading At Arca Funds

Jeff Koyen | President Of 360 Blockchain (CSE: CODE)

Shaun Newsum | CEO/Founder At TokenGrade


Joel S. Telpner | Partner At Sullivan & Worcester LLP

12:00p: Presentation by Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge | Head of Strategy, Americas | Gecko Governance

12:15p: Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies AML & KYC risks

Hourad Afsar | Founder & Managing Director Of UGR Consulting

- Introduction: blockchain digital assets, tokens and cryptocurrencies
- Overview of Regulatory landscape: US & International
- AML & KYC challenges & Solutions
- How will blockchain affect AML
- What could Blockchain AML platforms offer
- Blockchain technology and KYC Process
- Takeaways

12:30p: Panel: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Regulations in US and Abroad

Stefan Savic | Partner At Shipkevich PLLC

Rika Khurdayan | Partner At Dilendorf Khurdayan

Gary J. Ross | Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC

Rebecca Rettig | Crypto/Blockchain Litigator At Dontzin, Nagy & Fleissig LLP

Max Dilendorf | Managing Partner At Dilendorf Khurdayan PLLC


Pawneet Abramowski | Principal At PARC Solutions LLC
1:30p: Obstacles and Solutions to Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption
Presenter: Brandon Elliott | Founder & CEO At Javvy Technologies Ltd

A look at the many real reasons why cryptocurrency hasn't already gone mainstream.

We cover how the Javvy solution will overcome each obstacle and deliver a truly usable and long-awaited solution.
2:00p: Networking Break
2:30p: Governance or Self Amending Ledgers/ protocols
Presenter: Nithin Eapen | Chief Investment Officer At Arcadia Crypto Ventures

3:00p: Panel: Asset Tokenization

Rob Nance | Managing Partner Of CityBlock Capital

Nithin Eapen | Chief Investment Officer At Arcadia Crypto Ventures

Taotao He | CEO Of HGR Digital Asset Group

Richard McBeath | VP Growth, Masterworks.Io


Jeff Ramson | Founder And Chief Executive Officer, PCG Advisory Group
4:00p: Presentation by Ayesha Kiani
Presenter: Ayesha Kiani | Managing Director At Republic Crypto
4:30p: How has the ICO evolved and what are the ramifications on capital raising
Presenter:  Karim Babay | CEO & Chief Investment Officer Of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners

- What does crypto investing mean and what are the criteria

- Key steps companies must take to plan and execute an ICO, both in the US and globally (Reg D, A, S)

- Emerging standards for disclosures

- Investment process

5:00p: Crypto & AI Trading Fusion: Next Frontier in Crypto Trading

Peter Borovykh | | Blockchain Solution Architect At Blockchain Driven

5:20p: Presentation by Ameetess Dira

Ameetess Dira | COO Inbot

5:40p: Networking Break

5:55p: Closing Remarks