Bitcoin System - An Overview

The frustration that you feel from working endlessly without getting the aspired results is nothing new. Sure, you get a hefty paycheck at the end of the month. But, the question you need to ask is – Am I satisfied, or do I want more? Most often, people tend to accept compromises and settle down without truly achieving their dreams of vacations or cars.

But, do you not want to give yourself the chance to have the financial resources that you want? While money is definitely not all that matters, but it still quite vital to surviving. In order to make sure that your king-size dreams are converted to reality, you can venture into the world of cryptocurrency.

Stock traders, as well as professionals from different fields, are showing an inexplicable interest in crypto trading. One of the best trading platforms is the Bitcoin System. It has gained immense popularity due to accuracy and reliability.

Reviewing Bitcoin System

Genius minds, software experts, and confident investors have ensured the existence of Bitcoin in the world of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the team makes constant updates so that users can gain maximum profit at all times. The design of the app is done, keeping in mind the difficulty novice traders often face.

You can make an account, get the demo, invest money, and start earning profits via trading with ease. If you are an amateur, you can observe the live-market tradings and understand the community better. However, if you are already experienced, then you can interpret the signal and make profits. Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect that boosts its popularity is that it makes crypto trading a possibility for everyone.

Know the working of the Bitcoin System

The Bitcoin System is based on a complex modern algorithm. Here, the software evaluates all the exchanges between the varied digital currencies and amasses information regarding the price for the most lucrative cryptocurrencies. It also keeps track of price fluctuations in international exchanges. By sending profitable trading signals, the user can take note of the cryptocurrency that is the best option.

Then, you can make the trade choice, and the platform uses the auto-trade feature to make the trade on your behalf. You might be thinking that - what happens if you are not online? Well, in that case, you can still make choices on the risk parameter and the cryptocurrency type. Also, the accuracy of the trading platform is at an impressive 99.4%. It also enhances the appeal of the app to the general public.

Learn how to operate tradings on the Bitcoin System

  1. Create an account
  2. You can make an account on the official website of the Bitcoin System. There, you must offer personal details like name, email id, and phone number. After clicking on the submit button, the app will verify the details you gave. The verification is done via confirmation on the phone number as well as email id. After that, you must set a strong password for the account. You do not have to pay any joining fee here.

  3. Make use of the demo-trade
  4. After you make the account, you can opt for the demo-trade feature. It allows users to trade with the use of virtual money. With this incredibly useful option, you can understand the cryptocurrency market without making a single investment. But, keep in mind that just like you don't invest, similarly, the profits are not yours.

  5. Invest the necessary amount

  6. Now that you have an idea of the market, you must transfer money into the trading account. For this, you can use online wallets, debit cards, or credit cards. If you are worried about safety, do not fret! The encryption levels used for account information are quite complex. It is to ensure that the users feel safe!

  7. Start the trading
  8. As soon as you invest the money, you can start trading. The software offers market assessments and trade signals so that you can make profitable cryptocurrency trades. Here, the platform gives you two options to choose from – manual trading or auto trading.

  9. Profits withdrawal

  10. The procedure for withdrawing the money you make on the platform is user-friendly. All you have to do is fill the withdrawal form available on the site. The profits that you have made will be credited within a span of 24 hours.

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Orion Agarwal

Capital Markets Advisor to Bitcoin Revolution

Mr. Agarwal is a Capital Markets Advisor to Bitcoin Revolution, a cryptocurrency exchange. He was formerly a cryptocurrency technology research analyst contributing to research at Standpoint Research. He has performed research on coins including Binance (BNB), Bread (BRD), Kyber Network (KNC), Huobi Token (HT), OKEx (OKB), KuCoin (KCS), Zcash (ZEC), Decred (DCR), Cybermiles (CMT), VeChain (VEN), Ontology (ONT), and Polymath (POLY).


Raj Karkara

Senior Vice President of Advisory and Partnerships at tZERO

Raj Karkara is the senior vice president of advisory and partnerships at tZERO,’s financial technology subsidiary that has built a distributed ledger based platform for capital markets and is applying crypto technology to the financial industry. In this role, he was instrumental in the issuance and sale of the world’s first digital bond in 2015, and in 2016, issuing the world’s first publicly traded digital security, which settled same day using the tZERO platform.


Alex Gostomelsky

Managing Partner At Switchboard Capital

Switchboard Capital is an asset management company that applies a quant driven focus to cryptocurrency investing. Switchboard emphasizes incorporating data-driven prediction models to match an investor's need for efficient exposure to a cryptocurrency portfolio.


Nithin Eapen

Chief Investment Officer at Arcadia Crypto Ventures

Nithin Eapen is a well-known crypto-evangelist and the Chief Investment Officer at Arcadia Crypto Ventures.​ Besides taking care of the family office crypto portfolio, he is an advisory board member to multiple icos, speaker at various blockchain conferences, trader, and investor. He is the creator of the Belpointe Crypto Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CRYPTO). He holds a degree in Engineering from The Wright State University in Ohio as well as a Masters in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining Arcadia, Nithin was the founder and President of Chance River Technology, a boutique Software Services provider firm based in Stamford, CT.


Jeff Koyen

President of 360 Blockchain (CSE: CODE)

Jeff Koyen (pronounced coin) is also an entrepreneur who has been active in crypto and blockchain as an investor and trader since 2014. 360 Blockchain is a Canadian public company investing in blockchain tech and companies with promising futures in the space. One of which is Jeff's Pressland, which will be using blockchain to fight fake news and be having it's own initial coin offering.


Joel S. Telpner

Corporate & Finance Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Joel Telpner is a corporate and finance partner in the New York office of Sullivan & Worcester LLP and is the head of the Firm’s Fintech and Blockchain Practice Group. He is a seasoned advisor, strategist and problem solver. Mr. Telpner brings more than 30 years of legal experience in a career that includes time as an AmLaw 100 partner, the former U.S. general counsel of a global financial institution, and a venture capitalist. He is a highly sought after legal advisor in the blockchain space.


Rhonda Eldridge

Head of Strategy, Americas | Gecko Governance

Rhonda Eldridge has over a career of 25 years become known for high impact results at leading financial institutions, including PwC, ABN Amro (Fortis) and UBS, holding country and regional Managing Director roles. She is currently Head of Strategy, Americas, for Gecko Governance an award winning RegTech Blockchain solution provider, launching its Gecko Crypto1 token and advisor to a few blockchain firms.


Richard McBeath

VP Growth,

Richard is an executive marketing specialist in crypto, blockchain, tokenization and capital raising through digital finance. Richard previously led the Marketing and Product teams at Argon Group - one of the largest investment banks catering to capital raising through digital finance, blockchain investments and the cryptocurrency sector. He has worked with some of the largest global creative agency networks, specialist boutiques and on numerous start-ups in the digital and tech space across the globe and led companies in Sydney Australia, London UK, Niseko Japan, Dubai UAE and Los Angeles CA.


Jeff Ramson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PCG Advisory Group

Mr. Ramson is a Director of EV Blockchain and an Advisor to The Blockchain Terminal, AlphaPoint Technology and MintHealth. He is also an Associate member of the Security Token Association. He has been a student of, and an early participant in, the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for several years.


Peter Borovykh

Blockchain Solution Architect at Blockchain Driven

Peter has made his name in the traditional financial background and later became fascinated with digital applications of blockchain in finance. He is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategy based on quantifying the market sentiment and leveraging the emotion of market participants. He is the author of the book “Blockchain Applications in Finance” and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Bitcoinist, Business Insider, Insides Bitcoins and many more.


Camille Landau

CEO at OmniSparx

Camille is an experienced startup and corporate executive who has spent her career developing and scaling businesses that help people communicate and collaborate more effectively. She has led multiple startups to successful exits and helped large companies create and grow new lines of business.


Brandon Elliott

Founder & CEO at Javvy Technologies Ltd

Brandon has consulted to numerous international corporations, Bankers Banks, and the Federal Reserve on security, infrastructure, and regulatory matters. In recent years, Brandon has attained multiple blockchain certifications and understands mining, blockchain applications, and cryptocurrencies. He has been recommended to become an advisor to the G20 and may soon work with the UN through the Government Blockchain Association’s vast network of government connections.


Taotao He

CEO of HGR Digital Asset Group

Taotao is the CEO of HGR Digital Asset Group. HGR leverages a value investing philosophy that favors fundamental analysis and deeper due diligence processes. Prior to HGR Taotao worked at Barclays Capital and Bridgewater Associates.


Jeff Dorman

Partner and Head of Trading at Arca Funds

Jeff Dorman, CFA, is a Partner and Head of Trading at Arca Funds. Previously, Mr. Dorman was COO of Harvest Exchange, a financial technology company servicing Asset Management firms. Prior to Harvest, Mr. Dorman was Head of Trading at Brencourt Advisors, where he co-managed a $200m+ event-driven multi-asset portfolio. He also traded high-yield and distressed corporate bonds for Merrill Lynch, Citadel Securities, and Lehman Brothers.


Hourad Afsar

Founder & Managing Director of UGR Consulting

Founder & Managing Director of UGR Consulting, a leading boutique consulting firm that provides Subject Matter (SME) advisory and regtech tools to mitigate AML/KYC & Financial Crime exposure in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies space. Prior to that, Hourad held various leadership roles at Thomson Reuters risk division, Credit Suisse, HSBC and ING bank with Senior Compliance/AML roles.


Rob Nance

Managing Partner of CityBlock Capital

Rob is a managing partner of CityBlock Capital which recently launched NYCQ, a tokenized venture fund for investment into New York City startups. CityBlock Capital sources capital globally and allocates it to proven local investors with track records of profitable exits. Rob is also the managing partner of Edgewater Equity, a fully invested early stage venture capital fund based in New York City. He manages a portfolio of early-stage companies around the globe. In addition to work in venture capital, Rob advises a diverse group of operating businesses that range from restaurants to medical cannabis dispensaries.


Shaun Newsum

CEO/Founder at TokenGrade

Shaun is the founder of TokenGrade™, a token ratings and auditing platform for cryptocurrency and ICO investors – currently incubated by Science Blockchain. Originally from Brooklyn – Shaun currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and son.


Karim Babay

CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners

Mr. Babay is CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners, a hedge fund that is value focused. Mr. Babay has over 15 years of entrepreneurial and global investing and corporate finance experience allocating capital across the capital structure (credit and equity), angel investing, investments in securities and in the Bitcoin code platform. Mr. Babay is also the Chairman and CEO of HealthSapiens, a decentralized Global digital healthcare ecosystem and Blockchain enabled company.


Alexander S. Blum

CEO of Atomic Capital

Alexander S. Blum has been working in blockchain for the past 4+ years, advising VCs, PE groups, Fortune 500s, and blockchain start-ups on financial and technical strategy and development. He has developed a cryptocurrency mining operation, an AI-Crypto Hedge Fund, and led multiple ICOs, including Science Inc. and Sweetbridge. Prior to this, he served in the Peace Corps in Panama where he started an indigenous artisan crafts co-op as an Economic Development Consultant. He attended Tufts University and MIT.


Ryan Berkun

Founder and CEO of CoinPlan

Self-taught software developer and crypto enthusiast, Ryan is the founder and CEO of CoinPlan - focusing on wealth management in the cryptocurrency space. Ryan has experience building tech startups from the ground up. He launched his first iOS app at the age of eighteen and has gone on to build a number of fintech start ups, including machine learning algorithms for investing in cash equities.


Ayesha Kiani

Managing Director at Republic Crypto

Ayesha Kiani is the Managing Director at Republic Crypto - A trusted presale token fundraising platform for all types of investors. She was previously at SingularDTV - A Consensys spoke. She's a Venture Partner at NextGen Ventures and a Board Member for Ventures for America. She has a Bachelors in Finance from Stern and JD from NYU Law School. She previously worked at Skadden.


Ameetess Dira

COO Inbot

Ameetess is an entrepreneur, media executive, and tri-media journalist, with decades-strong experience serving markets as diverse as the Asia Pacific region, the EU and US in the fields of media, marketing, digital, and publishing. She is the COO at Inbot, a blockchain AI platform for trusted business referrals. There are 60,000 Inbot Ambassadors in 161 countries with the ultimate aim of accelerating global business growth for companies on the platform. They launched their own cryptocurrency, InToken, the utility token used to transact on the platform.


Rika Khurdayan

Partner At Dilendorf Khurdayan

Rika Khurdayan’s practice involves blockchain, virtual currencies, ICOs and STOs (including tokenization of assets). Rika provides strategic, transactional and regulatory advice to a wide range of both established and emerging participants in the FinTech space, and regularly represents token issuers, cryptocurrency exchanges, traditional and crypto investment funds, as well as family offices and managers wishing to cross-over to the blockchain sector. Well-versed in global blockchain trends and jurisdictional differences, and passionate about renewable energy, IoT and shared economy projects.


Max Dilendorf

Managing Partner At Dilendorf Khurdayan PLLC

Max Dilendorf's practice involves security token offerings (STOs), blockchain and real estate. Max focuses on legal and SEC regulatory aspects of ICOs and STOs in the US. Max advised and assisted local and international blockchain companies, funds, investors and entrepreneurs with launching and/or investing in cryptocurrency projects, tokenized real estate and fund offerings.


Rebecca Rettig

Crypto/Blockchain Litigator at Dontzin, Nagy & Fleissig LLP

Rebecca Rettig has a broad practice litigating complex commercial disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants. Rebecca has been involved in litigating private crypto- and blockchain-related disputes, has advised private equity firms about the legal and regulatory implications relating to potential crypto/blockchain investments, and has advised clients about the legal implications of issuing tokens, including “consumer” (or “utility”) tokens.


Gary J. Ross

Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC

Gary J. Ross is a founding partner of Ross & Shulga PLLC, and is a leading securities law practitioner in both the cryptocurrency and online equity investment platform spaces. Gary represents both companies conducting token offerings and funds investing in token offerings and other blockchain-related projects. Gary formerly worked at Sidley Austin LLP and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, where he oversaw compliance for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Gary is an avid runner and is running the San Francisco Marathon the weekend after the Summit.


Douglas Schwartz

Founder & CEO | Dove Network

Douglas has spent the last fifteen years of his life trading stocks and bonds. He graduated with a degree in Finance from The University of Georgia and spent the first five years of his career as a money manager. His clients were high net worth individuals and his job was to allocate their money among financial assets to meet return and risk objectives based on each client’s time horizon and risk tolerance. Douglas currently sits on the board of three start-ups, runs a technology consulting firm, and has recently returned from an exploratory trip to India, Dubai, Russia, and Ukraine where he continued his studies on Blockchain, networked with engineers all over these countries and recruited software engineering talent to join his growing companies.


Stefan Savic

Partner at Shipkevich PLLC

Stefan represents clients in all stages of litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and regulatory proceedings. Stefan’s litigation practice focuses on commercial litigation in federal and state courts in various subject matters ranging from civil RICO claims to misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, and class action defense. Stefan represents companies conducting token offerings in both regulatory proceedings and civil litigation. While Stefan’s work focuses heavily on civil litigation, he also assists businesses in avoiding costly litigation by assuring that clients have safeguards in place at all stages of business management.


Seth W. Goettelman

Principal at KSN

Seth Goettelman, a Principal at KSN in Chicago, advises blockchain and digital currency companies, as well as venture funds and other investors on a variety of legal and business issues, including corporate formation, digital token sales and related ongoing securities law and regulatory compliance matters that are key to success in this dynamic and quickly evolving industry. Seth also advises companies through every stage of the corporate life cycle – from initial financing through successful initial public offering or acquisition.


Pawneet Abramowski

Principal at PARC Solutions LLC

Principal at PARC Solutions LLC. Senior Compliance/Risk Executive with 20+ years’ achievements in the public and private sector and recognized financial crimes risk management (FCRM) subject matter expertise spanning anti-money laundering (AML), fraud, sanctions, anti-corruption, regulation, and compliance. Known for introducing innovative management techniques that improve organizational risk management capabilities.


Advantages of the Bitcoin System

There are multiple benefits that you can gain while using the Bitcoin System. Check out some of them listed here.

Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, numerous people feel apprehension in divulging in cryptocurrency trading. The best way is to use a platform that is highly efficient, accurate, and, most of all, legitimate. While searching for such software, the name that you will find dominating the conversation is the Bitcoin System.

The sophisticated program allows users to make a mere investment of $250 but trade with an amount that is 20 times the investment. Furthermore, leverage trading and significantly reduced chances of human error make the platform more popular. Also, whatever profit you gain, it's entirely yours!

Is it truly living when you do not explore your full potential? Make tradings on the Bitcoin System, and you never know, you can become a millionaire real soon!