24 MAY 2018
*Subject to changes
8:00a: Registration
8:55a: Opening Remarks
Leo Kangin will welcome guests to the Blockchain Law Summit.
9:00a: Why Accredited Investors? (10 Min Q&A)
Presenter: Jor Law | Co-Founder Of VerifyInvestor.Com

One of the movements behind blockchain technology calls for decentralization away from those with power and replacing it with the concept of opportunity for all.  Notwithstanding this, we see an increasing trend whereby companies limit their capital raises to so-called "accredited investors".  

Jor Law, co-founder of, the dominant accredited investor verification service in the marketplace, is perhaps the leading authority in the world on accredited investors.  He explores the role of accredited investors in blockchain capital raising and why they have emerged as such a dominant portion of the market.
9:30a: Presentation by Amy Wan (10 Min Q&A)
Presenter: Amy Wan | Founder And Chief Legal Hacker At Sagewise
Selecting the right cryptocurrency and securing your assets can be time consuming and difficult. The potential for immense returns also comes with periods of volatility.
10:00a: Panel: The Evolution of Security Tokens

Ryan David Williams | Partner At Experience Legal

Andrew Jewett | Co-CEO Aperture

Marc Boiron | Blockchain And Securities Attorney @ FisherBroyles

Matt Miles | Co-CEO Aperture

Marshal Webb | CEO of Path Networks


Amy Wan | Founder And Chief Legal Hacker At Sagewise
11:00a: Issuing an STO - one company's experience (10 Min Q&A)

Andrew Jewett | Co-CEO Aperture

Matt Miles | Co-CEO Aperture
11:30a: Panel: Identity Management and Verification

Pawneet Abramowski | Principal At PARC Solutions LLC

Keith Herman | Founder Of IPA Equities

Barrington Dyer | Principal At Polsinelli


Teresa M. Goody | ‎Founder & CEO - ‎The Goody Group LLC & Goody Counsel PLLC
12:00p: Panel: Path Toward Exchanges

Emily Friedman | Experience Legal, PC

Jeff Truitt | Chief Corporate Development And Legal Officer At Securrency

Zachary Kelman | Principal At Kelman.Law

Gary Aguirre | Award-Winning Legal Writer


Charles Kaufman | ‎Shareholder Of Homeier Law PC
1p: Panel: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Regulations in US and Abroad

Scott Andersen | Principal At FinLawyer.Com (Andersen, P.C.)

Seth Goettelman | Attorney In Gould & Ratner LLP

Nima Maleki | Corporate Counsel At ‎Velton Zegelman

Jason Gottlieb | Partner At Morrison Cohen LLP

Felix Shipkevich | Attorney And Principal Of Shipkevich PLLC


Robert Kim | ‎Legal Editor At Bloomberg Law
2p: Networking Break
2:30p: Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionize the Syndicated Loan Market? Challenges and Opportunities.
Presenter: Stephen Rutenberg | Shareholder At Polsinelli PC

The syndicated loan market is a trustworthy source of capital for many corporations though it is hampered by systemic settlement and payment inefficiencies.

- Can blockchain technology unlock the full potential of the syndicated loan market?

- How are companies building blockchain based applications for the loan market and what challenges do they face?
2:50p: Fireside chat with Greg Gilman

Greg Gilman | Founder @ Science Blockchain


Shaun Newsum | ‎Founder Of ICO Watchdog
3:10p: Regulation & Cryptocurrency: A Brief History
Presenter: Zachary Kelman | Principal At Kelman.Law

Mr. Kelman will discuss the history of AML compliance and its impact on correspondent banking and cryptocurrency. He will then analyze the SEC's approach toward cryptocurrencies and its approachto the classification of securities. Finally, he will compare the approaches of international jurisdictions, with a particular focus on large Asian nations and the 'offshore' world.
3:25p: Blockchain and IP Law: what to know about patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and data as a blockchain startup
Presenter: Barrington Dyer | Principal At Polsinelli
3:40p: Remediating an ICO - What to Do After the ICO to Clean It UP
Presenter: Carol Van Cleef | Partner At LeClairRyan
3:55p: Presentation by A. Jason Velez
Presenter: A. Jason Velez| CEO & Founder at 1LAW
4:10p: Panel: Making Tokenization Accessible by Everyone

Bob Cornish | Attorney At Wilson Elser

Josh Lawler | Equity Partner At Zuber Lawler & Del Duca

Stephen Rutenberg | Shareholder At Polsinelli PC

Carol van Cleef | Partner At LeClairRyan


Jor Law | Co-Founder Of VerifyInvestor.Com
5:10p: While entrepreneurs would use blockchain to decentralize the $50 trillion capital markets, Wall Street seeks to centralize blockchain
Presenter: Gary Aguirre | Award-Winning Legal Writer

- What’s at stake in this fight?
- Who will win?
- Who’s the referee: the SEC, Congress, or the courts?
- Where’s the SEC taskforce to formulate rules?
- Is the SEC only protecting investors from scams or also protecting Wall Street from disruption?
- Is the SEC’s crackdown on ICO fraudsters at risk of becoming a crackdown on blockchain visionaries?
- How can visionary entrepreneurs find a path through the maze?
5:25p: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and US Litigation - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Presenter: David Silver | Founding Partner Of Silver Miller
5:40p: The Three Most Popular Cryptocurrency Scams To Watch Out For
Presenter: Shaun Newsum | Founder Of ICO Watchdog

There is a significant amount of money being thrown around when it comes to cryptocurrency, and there’s potential to make massive amounts of money with cryptocurrency if you invest well. Unfortunately, because of the large amount of money in the cryptocurrency space right now, many scammers have entered the field hoping to make quick money off of unsuspecting newbies in the space.
5:55p: Closing Remarks